Monday, November 3, 2014

Common Sense Rule #1

If you don’t want to be carded, don’t partake in activities that require age limits.

It's amazing how many people come in, purchase beer, cigarettes, or lottery tickets and get mad when you card them.  I'm not talking a huff and walking out the door either.  I'm talking tantrum throwing, name calling, full out rage.

Most places you go to purchase these items will card you based on how you look.  It used to be if you looked younger than 27.  Then they bumped it to 40.  The policy where I work?  It says 50.  Some places card you no matter what.

Why do you suppose there are these rules?  These rules are in place to protect the business and the employees.  Do you realize how big the fine is for selling to a minor?  Well, my fine would be about $800, and that's not including the fine the business gets as well.  Plus I'd lose my job.

Do you really want to be responsible for me losing my job?

So the next time you get carded...take it as a compliment and realize that the person behind the counter probably needs their job as badly as you need the beer or cigarettes you are purchasing.

Whether I like my job or not (and don't worry Amber, I really do), your ability to have another beer or cigarette isn't my concern.  It also isn't worth me losing my job over.