Sunday, October 26, 2014

Common Sense Rule #75

Grandma status comes
whether you are ready for it or not.

Well, it's official by almost two weeks: I'm a GRANDMA!  One month prior to my 39th birthday.  Yep.  My mother very politely pointed out that I made Grandma before she did (age-wise of course...she's been a grandma for 19 years).

Here he is.  The most adorable little baby boy: Emmett Alan, the son of my son Jacob and his wife Tiffany.

He looks just like his daddy...who looks just like his daddy. :)

It doesn't feel near as weird as I thought it would.  I have no plans to be a Nana, Grammy, or any other variation of it.  Just Grandma.  Maybe Grandma Cassie since there are five other grandmas and great-grandmas...

I haven't had a ton of practice with "young" grandmas (except my mom, but she isn't MY grandma).  My grandmas were both old and stayed home making cookies and banana bars and the occasional mix-up of grape wine instead of grape juice.

Even when I got to be a SAHM I was never a cookie-baker.  Unless you like burnt cookies.  Then I'm pretty good.

I've seen some "young" grandmas.  Some of them do not age well.  Now, granted, I still have three more at home, but I am thankful that my first grandchild does not leave me looking like some grandmas I've seen...

I think the worst one was at school registration one year.  "Grandma" definitely had seen better days (could she possibly have been my age now? I shudder as I remember the sight).

Mom couldn't have been much more than 21.  Her skirt was...short.  To say the very least.  Her cropped shirt showed her belly button, which was pierced...with a chain that went down into her...skirt.  I don't even want to think about where the other end was attached.

I try really hard to not be a judgmental person (frankly because anyone who sees me with my kids probably thinks I'm absolutely crazy), but there are times that I have to really fight back the incredulous looks I want to give people.  This was one of those times.

According to my children (well, the ones still at home), now that I'm a grandma I need to grow up.  I don't know.  If growing up means I have to age, I think I'll just be myself.