Thursday, October 9, 2014

Common Sense Rule #8

Rest Assured, if there is an out of order sign on something here, I already know about it.
I work here.

I work at a gas station.  A truck stop actually.  So I see many people come through those doors...well, most of the time.  Once I moved to the overnight shift, my entertainment has dropped.  You would think overnights would be better because I get the bar crowd.  Nope. *sigh

I'm only part time.  But that's because I'm a full time student, a mom of four (well, three still at home), and have a catering business with my husband.  So I stay pretty busy.

Even though I'm only part time, that doesn't mean I don't have a pretty good grip about what's going on at the store though, it's like my second home.  Well...third.  I guess I should put my own home in there too. ;)

We have a washing machine at the truck stop.  Ever since I started there (two years ago), this washing machine hasn't worked.  Probably a good thing because the shower tends to back up into our backroom so I can only imagine what would happen if the washer worked.

One night, this friendly trucker came in to shower.  After he finished and returned the towels, he felt the need to explain to me that the washing machine in the back room didn't work.

Imagine my shock and awe.  I mean really.  There's only this note taped to the top of the top-loading machine that says "Out of Order" on it.

I guess in all the time I've worked there (and cleaned up after my trucker friends) I've never notice that.

Did I mention I excel at sarcasm?

Now imagine his shock and awe when I gave them that dead-eye look and said:

"Yep.  Hasn't worked for two years."

This happens all the time though.  My husband gets in my vehicle and says "Did you know you are low on blinker fluid?"  

Of course I know this...I put 100 miles on this vehicle every day.  With as many cars as I pass, don't you think I know when my blinker fluid is low?

Or the kids will tell me the cookies are gone.  

Of course they are.  I ate them.

Why is that people feel the need to state the obvious?  Is it their own shock and awe that prompts such statements to jump from their mouths?  Could it be that they assume they are the first to notice something?  You know what it means to ass-u-me, right?

Fortunately, I really do love my job.  I meet a lot of weird, awkward, and crazy people...but hey.  Lots of times I am too.  Just ask my kids.  Or better yet...don't.